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Bulk Candy - Pastel Mint Chocolate Lentils


Product Features:

  • Kandi King’s huge selection of bulk candy now includes Premium Mint Chocolate Lentils in a variety of bold & striking colors. Available in small to large sizes ranging from 2 to 10 lb bags. These beautiful chocolate morsels feature gourmet, dairy free dark chocolate coated in a crispy and crunchy mint candy shell. Similar to M&M’s, these mint chocolate candy lentils are fun, bite-sized snacks that can be enjoyed during any occasion.
  • Sourced from the most esteemed candy makers from around the world, we’ve put together an extremely broad collection of wholesale kosher candy to fulfill your every need. Whether you’re in need of candy for vending machines, piñatas or candy buffets, you can trust that Kandi King’s got you covered. Our consistent product quality and unmatched customer satisfaction have quickly made Kandi King the market’s most trusted source of high quality, wholesale kosher bulk candy.
  • Their most defining features are their impeccable bright pastel colors, which can’t help but draw you in. Take a bite of these button-shaped chocolate tidbits and you will be greeted with an explosion of refreshing peppermint that will last only until the dark chocolate deliciousness kicks in. The soft & sweet chocolate center is complemented perfectly by the crisp and crunchy candy coating.
  • Since all of our chocolate covered lentils are color coded, we’ll be able to match any color scheme you are looking for. These gorgeous chocolate lentils are perfect for any occasion. You can use them for candy buffets, weddings, sweet sixteens, decorating cakes, making party favors and anything in between.  You can use them to fill coin operated dispensing machines, give them as gifts or simply put them in a bowl and place them on your coffee table as an everyday snack.
  • This item is certified OK Kosher – Parve under the strict supervision of Organized Kashrut Laboratories (OK Labs). All Kandi King products are sold with a 30-day, full-money-back warranty and can be returned with no questions asked. Click the “Add to Cart” button and buy it now!

Kandi King is proud to present our gourmet, dark chocolate mint lentils. We have taken our finest blend of non-dairy dark chocolate, infused it with mint flavor, coated it in a crispy sugar shell and dipped them in vibrant colors to provide you with the highest quality chocolate lentils available for bulk purchase on Amazon. These button shaped chocolate treats are available by the pound in 2-10 lb bags.

Within each bag of our mint chocolate lentils you will receive an abundance of these bright and colorful chocolate tokens.  Each piece is meticulously crafted to ensure consistent color quality throughout and to ensure a delightfully crunchy mint chocolate experience. The delicious mint flavor compliments the dark chocolate perfectly and the crispy sugar coating adds a satisfying crunch to the soft chocolate that will melt in your mouth. We guarantee that you will love eating these as much as you will love looking at them. These yummy treats are certified kosher – parve, so feel free to enjoy these for dessert.

Along with their dazzling appearance and exquisite taste, their dark chocolate ingredients also provide health benefits. Dark chocolate, which is derived from the seed of the cocoa tree is rich in Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc & Selenium. Cacao has also been proven to be a powerful antioxidant and can improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, protect your skin against the sun and improve brain function.

Kandi King understands that its customers seek great tasting, fresh and presentable candy gifts and strives to shatter any expectations. Our collection of high quality bulk candy has been sourced from the most esteemed candy crafters from around the world and we have the utmost confidence that you will love our products as much as we do. Sold with a 30-day, full-money-back warranty, this item can be returned with no questions asked and with absolutely no hassles. Click the “Add-to-Cart” button and buy it now!

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